Annual plants and flowers are the showstoppers of the landscape. They last only a season and put on all of their growth and bloom in a short period of time.  Vintage annual flowers such as geraniums, petunias, impatiens and begonias have always been staples in many flower beds, mixed borders and hanging baskets.

Over the years we have seen an enormous amount of growth in the varieties of annual plants available, and the popularity of foliage plants is growing by leaps and bounds! Coleus, sweet potato vine, ivies, and any plant with outstanding leaves are finding their places in amongst the flowers. Million bells, improved varieties of mini petunias and Wave petunias, lobelia, alyssum, nasturtiums and so many more flowers producing blooms all summer long! Summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias, lilies, canna lilies, colocasia and alocasia add exotic interest to your garden or containers. Combine these with the performance of other annual flowers and foliage and you’ll have a winning combination.