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Shady Spaces; Annual Plants Made for Shade

Shade in the garden often gets a bad rap. Many gardeners assume that a lack of sunlight means a lack of options for vibrant, flourishing plants. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Shade-loving annual plants offer a diverse array of colors, textures, and shapes, making them invaluable additions to any garden. Let’s explore […]


Sunny Radiance: Using Sun-Loving Annual Plants in Your Garden

In the world of gardening, few things rival the sheer vibrancy and energy brought forth by sun-loving annual plants. These botanical gems not only thrive under the warm embrace of sunlight but also infuse our outdoor spaces with an unparalleled burst of color and vitality. You may have seen our ads that claim ‘Plants. The […]


Deadheading Annual and Perennial Flowers: Cultivating Beauty and Promoting Growth

Flowers are not only a source of natural beauty but also an essential part of our ecosystem. Whether in gardens, parks, or natural landscapes, flowers play a crucial role in pollination and attracting beneficial insects. To ensure the optimal health and aesthetics of your flower garden, deadheading—removing spent blooms—is a beneficial practice. Let’s explore the […]