Container Gardening

Container gardening gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of tending to plants, and to seasonally switch up what is on display. Many gardeners, designers and landscapers use containers as a place to express their creativity and challenge themselves by using more exotic or unique plants. The plants chosen to be in combination with one another in a container, are just as important as if they were to be complementing each other in a garden or landscape installation.


We have a team of designers that will create beautiful, lush planters for your home, business or clients. We’re happy to help you plan out the seasons for your containers; pansies and spring flowering bulbs in the spring, summer flowering annuals or tropicals in the summer, and fall mums combined with kale and asters for the fall.  Not to be missed, conatiners present us with a fourth season- winter arrangements crafted from fresh evergreen boughs and natural elements. In smaller spaces, container gardens give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the harvest of fresh herbs and even vegetables throughout the season! Ask our sales team about the best vegetables for patio planting.