Sansevieria in pot
Sansevieria: A hardy, low light houseplant that is great for a beginner ‘plant parent’

Houseplants make us happy!

Houseplants Make Us Happy!

The many benefits of being outdoors, surrounded by plants and nature while working in the garden cannot be disputed!

While our main focus is always in the nursery, as the seasons change we do look forward to moving into the greenhouse

filled with houseplants and their own set of benefits.

Including houseplants in our homes and work spaces can help us by:

  • cleaning and filtering the air that we breathe
  • reducing stress
  • increasing feelings of calm and positivity
  • increasing productivity
  • contributing to our mental wellness

Visit our atrium in Waterdown and our greenhouse in Trenton

These are beautiful spaces filled with lush, vibrant greenery. We welcome you to visit us regularly to see which houseplants

are trending; monstera, sansevieria, succulents and ferns.

Wander through our warm spaces on cooler days to be reminded of your childhood when you see the resurgence of vintage

plants that once held places in the homes of our grandparents; pepperomia, pilea, african violets and philodendrons.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help you make a selection to fit your lighting, size and moisture requirements.

We love plants. All plants. Especially houseplants!