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A wide range of different links to a full range gardening websites. Gather information on gardening and lawn care, solve problems in the garden and learn how-to garden organically. Why not consider joining a Horticultural Society and meet others that share your passion for gardening? Find a Society near you through the attached link.

Annuals & Perennials

Perennial of the Year –
Heritage Perennials Top Ten List –
Proven Winners:…

Fruiting Bushes

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) –

Horticultural Associations

Canada Blooms –
Royal Botanical Gardens –
Landscape Ontario –

Other Gardening Information

I Can Garden –

Collection of the Best Gardening Databases –

Trees & Shrubs

Rhododendrons –…
Bailey Nurseries –

Tropical Houseplants

Poinsettias –…
Tropical Houseplant Photos – www.aggie-horticulture.tamu…

Horticultural Societies
Trenton Horticultural Society & Garden Club –

Organic Gardening

Native Plants –
Local Info –

Organic Gardening Resource Center-